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Self-assessment – Are You Intelligent?

  1. Do you miss challenges at work – even after a short period in a new role?
  2. Do you have a long CV with many short employments or many different jobs with the same employer?
  3. Do you thrive on working at high speed and/or with great variation of tasks?
  4. Do you have very high expectations towards yourself, because you know how well you can perform if you really try? High quality, ethics, no mistakes/errors etc.
  5. Do you often find yourself repeating what you have said or explaining things with other words – hoping that you will then be understood?
  6. Are you easily bored when you speak with someone or listens to a teacher, because you already know what they are about to say or simply because they speak too slowly?
  7. Do you often get impatient or restless in other’s company?
  8. Do other people tend to be easily impressed by what you do, can or know, even by things you don’t find worth mentioning?
  9. Do you always jump directly to the conclusion, the solution, or the result – without being able to explain how you got there?
  10. Do you have a strong inner sense of being different than most of the people you meet?
  11. Do meetings often seem too long and debates seem to get nowhere?
  12. Do you easily get so absorbed with things you find interesting that you forget everything else?
  13. Were you always among the brightest pupils in your class at school and among the best students when you graduated – but only if the classes seemed relevant and interesting to you?
  14. Do to enjoy using your brain – and yet relax – doing Sodukos, crosswords, puzzles, computer games etc.?
  15. Do some tasks seem too easy for you to solve? So, you wonder if you got it wrong or you are cheating.

This self-assessment is not an intelligence test, but the most common characteristics of the 10 percent most intelligent persons.

If you can recognize and confirm at least 10 of the questions you are probably among the top 10% most intelligent of the population. You might not be among the 2% entitled to membership of Mensa, but you will still be experiencing special challenges in regards to your colleagues, education, and career. Likewise, it will influence your private life: Finding a partner who can match you may appear to be quite difficult.

Get Your Intelligence Assessed

When you get your IQ assessed – with a well-documented test – you will often experience a period of relief and light-bulb-moments when you realise that your sense of being different in lots of situations all come down to the fact that you are more intelligent than most of your peers. You are different – but in a positive way!

Fill in the contact form to order an IQ-test or contact Ann C. to get more information.

You are not stupid – but you might be an impostor!

Many of my clients – even the very brightest and members of Mensa – quite often consider themselves to be quite stupid. Or at least not as smart as the persons they compare themselves to.

Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes did a lot of research on this topic: The Impostor Phenomenon.

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